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With flavors that could only come from recipes passed down from generation to generation, it’s no surprise that our local restaurants have a loyal following from residents and visitors alike. From Southern comfort food to award-winning barbeque and everything in between, we have several restaurants throughout Jackson County known to create a home-cooked meal that brings back the comforting food memories from days gone by.

Featured Restaurants

With precise attention to detail, perfect execution, and exceptional service, Jackson County’s restaurants aim for top-notch experiences. Home to world-champion chefs and the highest quality ingredients, you’ll receive nothing less than extraordinary at our fine dining establishments.

Grady's Seafood

Grady's Seafood

Graceville, FL


The Salt Block

The Salt Block

Marianna, FL


Mermaids Seafood and Oyster Bar

Mermaids Seafood and Oyster Bar

Cottendale, FL



In recent years, more and more foodies, chefs, and families want to know where and how their food is grown. Farm-to-table is taking the best ingredients from the ground and preparing them in a way that highlights all of its flavors.

You can purchase fresh milk, local produce, free-range eggs, local antibiotic-free beef, non-GMO poultry, Amish products, and more year-round at many of our farms. Farms like Lazy Acres in Cottondale and Green Gate Olive Grove in Alford pay close attention to farming as naturally as possible. Ocheesee Creamery and Southern Craft Creamery use milk from dairy cows on their farm to create delectable ice cream — you can’t get much more farm fresh than that!

Beekeepers & Apiaries

The Chipola Beekeepers Association serves the Jackson County area as a resource for all things bees. Their members provide guidance and information to other beekeepers, including those interested in getting into the beekeeping business or those looking for help to safely remove unwanted bees from an area with minimal disruptions to the colony.

If you’re looking for World Famous Tupelo Honey and Wildflower, Holly, and Gallberry Honey, visit Smiley B Farms in Graceville. They produce 100% raw, unfiltered honey produced by bees at the farm, meaning that you receive a premium, all-natural, raw honey that is as close to eating it out of the hive as you can get!

Pet Friendly Eats

Landshark Seafood and Oyster Bar

Southern Craft Creamery

Southern Fields Brewing

Farmers Markets & Produce Stands

Focused on serving Jackson County, the Marianna City Farmer’s Market provides easy access to fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, local honey, and more. Available produce varies by season, with the peak season beginning in May.

You can find the Marianna City Farmer’s Market at Madison Street Park on Saturdays year-round, and Tuesdays and Thursdays from March to August.