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Drivers Licenses

Drivers License Office
3613 Highway 90 West, Marianna, Florida 32446
(850) 482-9602
Hours: Tues-Fri 7 am - 6 pm
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A Florida driver’s license is required within 30 days for any driver who becomes a resident of Florida, is employed in Florida, or registers a child in a Florida public school. To obtain a driver’s license, you need a social security card and a current Florida vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.

New residents who have a current driver’s license from another state are required to pass only the vision portion of the examination. First-time applicants must take a vision, written test, and road test. Applicants should make an appointment to take the driver’s examination.

The cost of a first-time license is $20. The license is valid for six years. License renewal is $15 and a replacement license is $10.

Automobile Registration

New residents must register vehicles and obtain a Florida license tag within 30 days of establishing legal residency or prior to beginning work or registering children in the public school system.

Military personnel and students are exempt. Proof of Florida insurance, a copy of out-of-state title or registration, and a completed Florida State Form 82042 verifying the vehicle’s identify number and odometer readings is required.

Tax Collector’s Offices

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Jackson County Courthouse
4445 Lafayette Street, Marianna
(850) 482-9653
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 am - 4:30 pm

Graceville Office
5386 Cliff Street, Graceville
(850) 263-3218
Hours: Tues-Fri, 8 am - 4:30 pm

Sneads Office
8087 Highway 90, Sneads
(850) 593-6737
Hours: Tues-Fri, 8 am - 4:30 pm

State Taxes

The State of Florida does not impose a personal income tax or an inheritance tax. The state sales tax is 6 percent.

Ad Valorem Taxes
Ad valorem taxes on real estate are determined by combining city and county taxes with school district taxes and any other special assessments.

Homestead Exemption
The State of Florida’s Homestead Exemption Act exempts homeowners from taxes on the first $25,000 of the property’s assessed value.

Voter Registration

You can register to vote in Jackson County if you are a U. S. citizen and a permanent resident of Jackson County, at least 18 years of age (you may pre-register at 17 and a Voter Identification Card will be sent to you on your 18th birthday), and in possession of your civil rights. One registration entitles you to vote in all elections. You are eligible to vote in your city election if you reside in the city limits. Voter registration is permanent as long as you live in Jackson County or claim Jackson County as your legal residence and keep the elections office advised of your current address.

To become registered to vote, you must complete and sign a voter registration application. You may also use the Florida Voter Registration Application to notify of a change of name, address, or party affiliation; to update your signature; or to request a replacement voter identification card.

Voter registration applications may be obtained at:

  • Supervisor of Elections Office
    2851 Jefferson Street, Marianna
  • Driver’s License Office
  • Public Libraries
  • Department of Children and Families
  • City Halls

Local Government

Marianna is the county seat. The Jackson County Board of County Commissioners is responsible for governing the county. The board is comprised of five elected Commissioners, who serve staggered four-year terms. The chairman is elected by the commissioners annually. Scheduled meetings are held twice monthly.

The County Administrator functions as the county’s chief administrator. School board members also are elected.

  • County Administrator
    (850) 482-9633
  • Board of Commissioners
    (850) 482-9633
  • Clerk of the Court
    (850) 482-9552
  • Cooperative Extension
    (850) 482-9620
  • Emergency Management
    (850) 526-4500
  • Health Department
    (850) 526-2412
  • Sheriff’s Office
    (850) 482-9624

Governing Bodies

(850) 579-4684

(850) 569-2007

(850) 263-4535

(850) 352-4361

(850) 263-3250

Grand Ridge
(850) 592-4621

(850) 594-1216

(850) 263-6636

(850) 569-2308

(850) 482-4353

(850) 593-6636