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Medical and Emergency Services

Jackson County has most medical specialties, home healthcare providers, hospice services, chiropractors, podiatrists, and optometrists. 

Jackson Hospital

Located in Marianna, Jackson Hospital is a 100-bed community healthcare system. In addition to emergency medical services, the hospital offers general medicine services, inpatient and outpatient surgery, laboratory services, and radiology services, including Nuclear Medicine and MRI studies, Infusion Therapy, Physical, Speech, & Occupational Therapy, Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine therapy.

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Rehab Centers

Marianna Health & Rehabilitation Center
Providing comprehensive rehabilitation services and residential care to residents of Marianna and the surrounding area. 

Courtyard Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
Offering varied clinical programming, along with interfaith spirituality and quality of life programs that cater to the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural populations in hometown facilities.

Jackson County Public Health 

Offers public health care services for eligible county residents.

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Fire Rescue

Jackson County Fire Rescue is a career department located in and serving Jackson County in the rural Panhandle of Florida.

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Administration/Station 1
(850) 482-9668 

Station 2
(850) 360-4072

Station 3
(850) 482-9013

Station 4
(850) 579-3934

Station 5
(850) 482-9669

Station 6
(850) 569-2020

Emergency Services

There is an established 911 emergency communications system accessible anywhere in the county.

Police Departments

Marianna, Cottondale, Graceville, Grand Ridge, and Sneads have police departments.

Sherrif and Highway Patrol

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is located on U.S. 90, west of Marianna.
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