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Whether it is for fitness, fun, or finding a new way to spend time with your family, there is no shortage of outdoor adventure in Jackson County.


Nationally known as a sport fishing destination, Jackson County waters are abundant in marine life, boasting world-record Shellcracker out of Merritt’s Mill Pond and dozens of species in the depths of Lake Seminole, which spans over 37,500 acres. For seasoned fishermen and novices alike, once the line is cast, you’re sure to get a bite!

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Outdoor enthusiasts say Jackson County has some of Florida’s most beautiful paddling trails. There are several places to explore, such as Merritt’s Mill Pond, Compass Lake, Round Lake, Lake Seminole, Ocheesee Pond, and Upper Chipola River.

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From basketball and baseball to motocross and golf, Jackson County has a wide array of sports to play, spectate, or participate in.

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Whether you’re a beginner looking through your first pair of binoculars or an experienced birder searching for rare sightings, the opportunities for bird watching are endless.

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For a more in-depth experience, Jackson County has some of the most breathtaking underwater experiences to explore in North America.

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Visitors and locals alike find that time in Jackson County is best spent outdoors, and our communities offer a plethora of picturesque trails waiting for you to take a walk or hike.

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